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The Ravens patrol has seven members.

  • Roman A. is the Patrol Leader(Second Class)
  • Benjamin A.(Scout)
  • Dustin C. (Star)
  • Yomi F. (First Class)
  • Seth H. (Star)
  • Kent N. (Tender Foot)
  • Mark W. (First Class)
  • Christopher L (Scout)


Ravens patrol patch

The Deadwoods Patrol has seven members.

  • C. J. C. Patrol Leader (Second Class)
  • Sam H. Senior Patrol Leader (Life)
  • Lanne P. (Life)
  • Andrew S. (First Class)
  • Jacob T. (Second Class)
  • J. T. V. (Second Class)
  • Mitchell W. (Scout)
  • J.J. Jeff H. (Scout)
Deadwood patrol patch